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Learn To Drive

Adult and Teen Driving Training

Learning how to drive can be complicated in todays modern, fast paced enviroments, and practicing on your own can be challenging and cause serious accidents. At All Seasons RVA driving school , we make everything simple during the learning process. These programs are taught by exceptional instructors certified to teach you how to drive. Virginia may seem hectic and without adequate preparation, meeting permit or license requirements can become a stressful challenge. Prepare yourself and rely on All Seasons RVA Driving School to train you or your teen with one-on-one lessons. We’re not your typical driving school, as we assist with meeting all driving requirements.

Our teaching services are not only affordable, but also flexible so more people can have access to this invaluable instuction. Our team is available to teach during the day or evening and some weekends.

Learn to Drive

These classes are Private , One on One lessons that Teach you how to Drive from step one. In these classes you will Learn:

  • braking and accelerating
  • right turns, left turns, U turns
  • changing lanes
  • parking
  • highway driving

*All Seasons RVA driving school makes NO Guarantees. Learning how to drive is a process , and we will always give you 100% effort and patience.  

Each class is IN CAR and 50 minutes long. These classes can be used to Learn how to Drive, refresher course, or teens whe need to complete their 45 hours. *3 class Minimum*

  • 3 classes $140
  • 5 classes $225                                                          
  • 7 classes $300
  • 10 classes $420

If more classes are needed, can be arranged with instructor     

We do pick up and drop off within 20 minutes of this schools location, outside of 20 minutes will be a charge of $5 per class. Locations outside of 30 minutes we do not pick up or drop off.  Students outside of pick up area, and wish to avoid pick up charge can arrange to meet at a location within the 20 minute target areas.

Scheduling depends on location of pick up and your available time frame. 

Adult Waiver

Adults 18 and over :

*If you have never held a driver’s license issued by any state or foreign country, you MUST hold your VA LEARNERS PERMIT for 60 days prior to taking the DMV road skills test.

To WAIVE DMV road skills test and the 60-day holding period for the learner’s permit

• must succesfully complete or have completed 36 hour CLASSROOM course
• must complete 7 fifty minute behind-the-wheel classes 
• must successfully complete road test (given in the same car and same instructor)

7 Behind the Wheel Classes + Road skills test $325

  • you must have DEC-1 (drivers ed completion certificate) in order for All seasons RVA driving school to issue Adult Waiver

Upon successful completion of both classroom and in-car instruction, you will receive a Virginia Training Completion Certificate (Adult Waiver). When presented to the DMV, it will waive the 60-day holding period for Learners Permit and exempt you from road skills testing by the DMV. At this point you will receive a Virginia driver’s license.

*We Do NOT offer Classroom*

Online classes for Adults and Teens can be taken here at: VADETS

(this is equivelent to 36 hour classroom course)

Find additional info by visiting Virginia DMV Licensing.