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Adult Behind the wheel

Adult Behind the Wheel (18 AND OVER) and Recertification for 3 x failure

ADULT BEHIND THE WHEEL (ALONG WITH CLASSROOM CERTIFICATE) - will WAIVE the DMV road skills test and the 60-day holding period for the learner’s permit.

The purpose of Adult Behind the wheel is to prove that you are ready to drive on your own and be licensed. It is NOT sufficient to teach a BEGINNER how to drive. We do critique you on your weaknesses, to help you become a better driver but if you are a beginner, you need to sign up for Private Lessons. 

*This course is NOT for beginners that need to learn how to drive.


  • Must have a Valid VA Learners Permit
  • Must successfully complete or have completed a Virginia approved Drivers Ed course 
  • Must have Drivers Ed completion certificate (DEC-1) (if you took classroom with us, we already have certificate)
  • Must complete 7 - 50 minute periods of in-car instruction 

Upon successful completion of both classroom and in-car instruction, you will receive a Virginia Training Completion Certificate (Adult Waiver). When presented to the DMV, it will waive the 60-day holding period for Learners Permit and exempt you from road skills testing by the DMV. At this point, you will receive a Virginia driver’s license.

The cost for this course

  • $370 Adult behind the wheel  
  • $350 Adult behind the wheel - (if you took Drivers ed with us)

 Recertification course (3 x Failure of the DMV Road skills Test)

Driver's license applicants who fail the road skills test three times, must successfully complete the applicable in-vehicle component of a driver education course before they can take the examination a fourth time. Classes taken at a driver improvement clinic do not meet this requirement

Requirements of this course 

  • Must have a valid learners permit
  • 7 fifty-minute periods of in-car instruction 

 The cost for this course

  • Recertification $300

once successfully complete, you will receive a recertification certificate, at this point you can return to DMV to take the Road skills test. (if you fail the DMV road skills test 3 times at DMV, you must retake it at DMV and it cannot be waived)

Pick up and Dop off Locations:

Location 1 (All Seasons RVA @ 302 Turner rd. Suite L, N. Chesterfield VA) -  we offer pick up for students within 10 minutes of this location (No extra cost). If pick up is needed for students more than 10 minutes away, there will be a one-time pick up fee of $25. 

Location 2 (Hancock village @ 14629 Hancock Village st. Chesterfield VA)- we offer pick up for students within 10 minutes of this location at No extra cost. 

  • Cosby 
  • Woodlake 

Location 3 (Amelia County Food lion @ 15105 Patrick Henry hgh) - we offer pick up for students within 10 minutes of this location at No extra cost. 

  • Amelia county HS

Location 4 (Chesterfeild Towne center)

 ***Please note that in order to obtain a Virgina Learners Permit, you must be at least 15 years and six months of age. To obtain a Virgina Drivers License , you must be at least 16 years and three months of age.*

DMV is committed to promoting safety through the certification of quality driver training programs. If you have any questions or concerns about this course, call our toll-free number


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