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Teen Behind the Wheel

Your License Is Just a Call Away

All Seasons RVA driving school understands that ROAD SAFETY is one of the most important lessons a person can ever learn. This program is taught by exceptional instructors certified by DMV to teach the Behind-the-Wheel education program.  At All Seasons RVA Driving School, we make everything simple during the learning process. Our patient, professional training gives you an advantage over other drivers and the ability to communicate with other drivers effectively.


Teens 17 years or younger, in order to be accepted in the Behind the Wheel program you must:

  • hold permit for at least 7 months 
  • complete 36 hour classroom course and have DEC-1 ( drivers ed completion certificate)
  • have driven at least 45 hours , of which 15 occurred after sunset.

if these conditions are met, you are now eligible for Teen Behind the Wheel to potentially receive VA Drivers License.

We are a BEHIND THE WHEEL driver training school ONLY. We DO NOT offer classroom.


Student will be paired with another teen, and will drive and observe each session.

Scheduling   is done according to teens we have within 15 minutes of our location (if pickup is required) and have compatible schedules. We may not be able to schedule right away if we don’t have a match, if this is the case we will inform you and you can explore other options or be placed on our waiting list. 

If pick up is required and you live outside of 15 minute range, there is a charge of $25 for pickup and we have to have another teen within 15 minutes of your pickup location to schedule. 

We do offer pick up for students within 15 minutes of this schools location at NO extra charge.

if more classes are needed, you can discuss further with instructor.

Once successfully completed both parts 36 hr Classroom course and Behind the Wheel course , student will receive 180 temporary Drivers Licence from All Seasons RVA driving school. 

If Classsroom is needed it can be completed online here @ VADETS once you click the link you will be taken to a third party (Va Department of Education) not associated with All Seasons RVA driving school.

To get started please click on Registration tab and fill out student registration form.Once your form is received you will be contacted for scheduling options.

Payment can be made via cash, check, card, or paypal. Payment is due by second class in full. 

Parent/Guardian Permission Form (Students need to have on the day they start behind the wheel) or they can email back to Us:

 Teen in Car with Keys

The Most Reliable Driving Courses

 Our VA State Approved Behind-The-Wheel Program includes:

• Successive Lessons, English and Spanish (limited)
• The Same Car and Instructor for Each Lesson
• Home Pick Up - depending on location
• Discounts for Teen Students Who Arrange for Additional Student Pick Up at Their Home

Please note that in order to obtain a Virginia learner’s permit, you must be at least 15 years and six months of age. To obtain a Virginia driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years and three months of age.